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Founded in 2015, NEST Immersion specializes in 360° content creation, software development, and immersive audio-visual installations. We create unique experiences and softwares for immersive environments including planetariums and mobile digital domes (fulldome).
We've launched NESTIMMERSION.CA with one vision: supporting the fulldome community with accessible, powerful video mapping software like NestMap and VJ tools like NestDrop, which anyone can deliver professional results in any dome!
Want to know more? Download our company profile in pdf format or try our mapping software for free.


Whether you're operating an established planetarium, a mobile dome or you're a fulldome hobbyist, NEST Immersion understands the particularities of content programming and technical needs in today's dome industry. Our 360° content and software encourages all dome operators to explore the infinite possibilities of artistic fulldome research and creation without compromising existing systems, or your bank account.


We're a passionate team of digital artists, technicians, programmers, and project managers with many years of experience in our respective fields. Whether you’re looking for custom 360° content, dome structures, software solutions or planning an entire event, our team will work closely with you to create a unique experience which fits your budget, vision and scope.


Our 13M and 8M mobile projection domes are outfitted with 360° video and surround audio configurations. Go one step further and add custom lighting, decor and interior/exterior branding to create an event space that will leave a powerful, long lasting impression on your audience. From concerts and entertainment to corporate events; audiences are fully immersed and BECOME a part of the action. Check out our previous installations in our case studies section below.

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Fulldome VJ clips & FILMS

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Our VJ Clips collection are ready-to-play directly in your dome, your live performance, or in a fulldome production. They were created with the idea of using the dome to its maximum potential with foreground objects, mid-ground objects and background objects giving you full flexibility when live-performance mixing.

Our fulldome films have been screened internationally at film festivals, digital-art festivals and planetariums with much praise from the community including several prizes from established organisations.

Case studies