About NestDrop

NestDrop allows you to perform with high-resolution high-fps visuals which react in realtime to the music and then broadcasts the video via Spout. Since the Milkdrop engine is at the core you can easily bring in your own Milkdrop presets. Use any audio source to drive the visuals, even live audio. We know that your attention bandwidth is already in high demand and so we've streamlined NestDrop to be simple and fast to use.

Key features

⇒ Up to 4 video decks with Spout at the same time
⇒ High rez output: 4k @ 60fps
⇒ Live preview and static thumbnails of presets
⇒ Auto-change presets based on beat detection
⇒ Search for presets by name
⇒ Easily map your own hotkeys
⇒ Mark your favorites with 5 colors of stars
⇒ Create multiple queue windows
⇒ Includes curated library of 1900 presets

More Details


The 1900 free preset library bundled with NestDrop was curated by Jason Fletcher. He has also curated and organized an extended collection of 9800 presets carefully curated for VJ-ing. Check out this blog post to download the full free collection.


Using Spout, NestDrop is compatible with the majority of VJ's favorites:
⇒ Any other software listed on the Spout website


Video tutorial showing the main features of NestDrop. Check also the in-depth user manual for more details.

Nestdrop tutorial

Available Now

NestDrop can be downloaded for free after a PayPal donation. Pay what you want in the list below to gain access to the download link via an email after the transaction.

Requirements: Windows 7 or 10, any GPU can be utilized but Powerful GPU's can achieve higher resolution/fps via Spout


NestDrop is the result of a collaboration between:
Patrick Pomerleau - programmer, design
Jason Fletcher - design, bug testing, preset curation
Sean Caruso - dome testing
Ryan Geiss - Milkdrop engine

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Sherbrooke, QC, Canada
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Mobile: 1-819-574-3766

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