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NEST Immersion creates fulldome content and also partners with 360° audio-visual artists, producers and distributors from around the world. From live performances, artistic shows or custom content for your dome production ranging from abstract to live-captured, we can facilitate the acquisition and licensing procedure for you. Check out our online catalog or contact us with exactly what you have in mind.


We produce custom fulldome content and also offer training in 360° workflows for digital artists and producers desiring to create immersive content, or consulting for technicians and dome operators looking to build or upgrade existing systems in their theatre. Our training covers both theoretical and practical aspects so you can start creating from a solid foundation. Workshops can be one-on-one or small groups, in-person or remote. Equip and encourage your local artists to begin exploring the possibilities of artistic fulldome creation and exploration!

enveloping Meditation

Dive into subconciousness

Yoga and meditation experiences take on a new level when surrounded by transcendent and hypnotic visuals with surround sound. This is achieved with relaxing visual loops or real-time generated visuals. This was first seen at Hubweek (Boston) in 2017 & 2018 inside our 13.4M dome, and inside Camp Serotonin at Telus Spark science center (Calgary) in our 8m dome.

What you need

Ideally this type of experience works best in the open space of the dome, but even in a planetarium with fixed chairs, immersive meditation and breathing exercises are possible. If your existing video system has video capture capability, real-time visuals can be generated with NestDrop on a separate computer and fed into your existing server. Otherwise, pre-rendered loops can be played back in your existing server. You can also rent our real-time NEST server, connected to your existing projection system. Of course, we encourage hiring a local yoga or meditation coach to guide your audience.

Immersive dining

Diner service in a dome


Recent research demonstrates that our sense of taste can be influenced with the lighting color or the musical ambiance. So imagine if you immerse your guests in a dining room where you can change the visual environment, thematic music ambiance and interactive storytelling to match the dinner service! This unique and impressive experience can easily be achieved in an immersive dome creating multisensory gastronomic experiences that evoke emotions and memories that go well beyond the food.

What you need

Of course you'll need an immersive environment (dome) where you can install dining tables. We also recommend a non-tilted screen for optimal immersion of all guests. Some security concerns must be kept in mind regarding cooking with open-flame or smoke inside the dome. We propose the kitchens are installed beside the dome to leave the most space possible for the dining area. Please see our installation section for examples. Multidisciplinary collaborations between culinary, visual and audio arts along with a dynamic pacing and storytelling makes these types of projects unique with unforgettable results!

Audio reactive visuals


Our visual generator NESTDROP includes more than 10k impressive high-resolution presets that react in real-time to sounds and music. Perfect for live shows when the visuals must remain in sync with the musician(s) with no noticeable delay. Add a microphone into the public and watch them be amazed when they realize how the visuals will react to a simple whisper or the clap of hands, or use with live musicians and easily pre-program an entire visual show which can be triggered automatically or on-the-fly.

NestDrop generates smooth, high resolution visuals (up to 8k x 8k at 60fps), is very easy to use and it's FREE! If your system doesn't operate on Windows 7 or 10, or if you don’t have video input capability in your dome, contact us about other solutions we can provide.

Interactive games

Fulldome Tetris preview

fulldome tetris

This is an adaptation of the popular game Tetris to fulldome format. Made from scratch in Unity within a few hours, this game is a demonstration of how easy and accessible it has become to build a multiplayer, interactive fulldome environnement. Unity is a free powerful 3D game engine used to create VR and 360 environments. Many plugins are available, such as the fisheye camera from SAT, used to extract a domemaster-like video stream in real time, which is directly compatible with NEST video server or can be output to network streaming (NDI) or captured on a video capture server. Now grip your Xbox controller and hang on in this wild immersive gaming experience.

What you need

Creating a game designed to run on multiple GPU servers at the same time is not an easy task. If your existing video system has video capture capability, the game can run on a seperate computer (if the capture latency is low). We recommend a latency lower than 200ms for casual games, and much lower (20ms) for action games. Turn-key installations with a NEST Video server is also an option for an optimal experience.

NEST video server

NEST server case


You would like to host a live show in your dome, but your existing system doesn’t have live capture capabilities. No worries! We’ll send you an 8K NEST video server which can easily be adapted to your existing projection system, up to eleven 4K or 44 HD projectors!


⇒ Preparation time including existing systems study
⇒ Delivery to anywhere in the world
⇒ Camera based projector auto-calibration kit
⇒ Multichannel audio interface
⇒ NEST technician on-site for installation and tests
⇒ List of all audio/video equipment and adapters needed for integration
⇒ 24/7 remote assistance

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