NestNDI is a new tool we offer for a broad band of professional video applications. This easy-to-use Spout to NDI® converter is optimized to stream on a local network large image size at a high frame rate speed. NestNDI is able to send an 8K live stream at 60 fps through a compatible Newtek's NDI® network using a traditional 1G Ethernet connection. It can also send unlimited audio channels synced with video frames. Compatible with all video cards and network adapters. Send high-resolution Spout stream through an NDI® network is now possible and in the most simplified way.
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⇒ maximum tested resolution: 8192 x 8192 at 60fps
⇒ maximum tested frame rate: 4K @ 120 fps
⇒ Latency: 0.06s at 60 fps

More Details


⇒ Select any Spout sender listed in the top field.
⇒ Click on the Start NDI stream button.
⇒ Look for the NDI® sender "Machine name - Spout name" on the NDI receiver client.
⇒ Watch the magic!

If you use an application who have Spout and NDI® output capability, you will have a performance boost if you output a Spout stream and use our NDI® converter from it. Have a doubt, try it first! We recommend a 4GHz i7 or i9 (8+ cores) with DDR4 2200 MHz memory and an RTX2060 or more recent video card.

Panoramic 360 to Domemaster

Do you wish to show your panoramic 360 images or videos in your dome? Now it's easier than ever with the NestNDI Pano to fisheye option. View your high-resolution panorama converted into domemaster on the fly with the highest quality possible, projected on your digital dome through your local network.

Nestndi Panoramic to fisheye

Cinema 16:9 to Domemaster

You have a presentation in a 16:9 format you wish to present in a dome, like a PowerPoint or a short film, but the dome system can't convert it easily? No stress with the NestNDI Cinema emulation. View your standard content as if they are projected on a giant virtual cinema screen in the dome, on the fly with the highest quality possible, even by WIFI.

Nestndi Cinema to fisheye

Available now

Have a doubt? Try our free demo version first.

Download Demo

Or you can get your commercial license of NestNDI now at only $199 per PC. Please note that if you are streaming HD or UHD resolution and you don't need domemaster transformations or synced audio stream, there are free or donation-ware solutions such as Spout to NDI or the OBS plugin.

please note that local taxes will apply for Canadian buyers, and by the act of purchase you are agree to receive few emails (very few) about important updates and promotions.



Please enter your information to get your NestNDI free demo.
The Demo is valid for an unlimited time and an unlimited resolution Spout feed.
The only limitation is the watermarked output during NDI® streaming.
If you don't mind, we are curious to know the image resolution you plan to use NestNDI, but it's not an obligation.

Please note that by the act of downloading NestNDI, you agree to receive a few emails about important updates and promotions. Your personal info will not be shared or sold to any third party.

NEST video server


This is our turnkey hardware solution for high resolution realtime immersive dome mapping in a single box.
Our NEST video server is the best NDI® client you can expect with his triple network connections (2.5GB, 10GB & WIFI) and it can be easily adapted to your existing projection system. This beast can handle up to 12x 4K or 48x HD projectors, automatically calibrated with NestMap!
All components are fully tested for TRUE Fulldome 8K or 10K playback capability* WITHOUT any pre-slicing task (so much time saving).
It can also be used for interractive live generated visuals up to Fulldome 12K @ 60fps, perfect for live art shows or interractive fulldome video gaming.


⇒ Preparation time including existing systems study
⇒ Delivery to anywhere in the world
⇒ Camera based projector auto-calibration kit
⇒ Multi-channel audio interface
⇒ NEST technician on-site for installation and tests
⇒ List of all Video/Audio equipment and adapters needed for integration
⇒ 24/7 remote assistance

* Fulldome 8K ⇒ 8192x8192 @ 60fps, Fulldome 10K ⇒ 10kx10k @ 30fps.
Contact us for more information.